On Revisiting

Goats on Nevis

The more we travel, the longer our list of places to revisit gets. Simple, right? But how often do you really have the chance to return to a cherished location? And with the whole world open to you, how do you justify returning to a place you’ve already been over an entirely new experience?

It seems as though every time I open one of the travel publications we receive or blogs we follow, I present Michael with a list of a good 3-5 new places we simply have to visit. (It’s a wonder he hasn’t gone and cancelled the subscriptions by now!) Of course, we don’t have the time (or the money) to visit the dozens of places I read about each year, not to mention the growing list of locations that have captured our hearts on previous trips. So how are you supposed to fit it all in?

I’m afraid there isn’t really an answer that we’ve found, but isn’t that what makes travel so incredibly special? Whether you’re visiting an entirely new location or making your way back to a place that’s refreshingly familiar, it’s a luxury that many of us work toward. Recently, Michael and I were presented with the opportunity to return to the Caribbean island of Nevis, a place we visited together in 2011 before we even had the idea for this site. We’ll be doing some work for the inn where we stayed during that trip, Montpelier Plantation, arguably one of the hotels that opened our eyes to what the hotel experience could (and should) be. We’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to return to such a uniquely special inn and look forward to sharing the work we do there upon our return.

We’re curious – are there any places that you have returned to or hope to revisit someday? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Inn Nevis

Nevis Gardens


Saddle Hill Nevis

Nevis Botanical Gardens

Montpelier Plantation

Michael and Meredith

All photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

8 thoughts on “On Revisiting

    1. Revisiting the place where you went on your honeymoon is such a sweet thought, Erin. How fun!

  1. So excited you guys get to return and cannot wait to see the photos and read all about this new trip! I hope you have a blast! Oh, and we’d be thrilled to return to Montecito/Santa Barbara.

  2. I have this debate myself all the time.There are so many countries I haven’t been to that I’d love to see so the only country I’ve really revisited is Ireland. In my ideal world I’d go back every other year because it’s just so special and because I’d like to have at least one country that I really get to know. I hope you guys have a great trip and I can’t wait to see the resulting post!

    1. Yes, I love the idea of getting to know one country or area really well. It’s a tough balance, isn’t it? Exploring the new and revisiting the old. Thanks for chiming in, Lindsey!

  3. That hotel looks incredible, looking forward to seeing more from you guys. We have returned to the Amalfi coast 3 times and I feel it is one place that I would never get tired of revisiting. On my list of musts to revisit are Hong Kong, Japan and Sydney, I would love to live in Sydney for a couple of years really.

    1. What a great list, Fiona. And I couldn’t agree more about the Amalfi Coast. Michael has never been, but we’re hoping to remedy that someday. Thanks so much for your comment!

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