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Potted Herbs

One of the best parts about traveling to new places and trying new restaurants is that we find ourselves continually inspired the atmosphere, details, meals, and locations that we visit. We’ll often return home from a fantastic meal or trip and discuss how we can recreate a part of it in our own home. We’ve noticed that since beginning Map & Menu over a year ago, these recreations of ours have only become a more frequent occurrence. For this reason, we’ve decided to introduce a new series for the blog – Our Take. These posts will be our take on various dishes we’ve enjoyed while traveling or elements of design we’ve incorporated into our home.

This first Our Take is inspired by the 16-foot farm table at Gather. You may remember how I went on and on about the interior of this Yarmouth restaurant. After seeing the potted greens on the table, and in order to get a head start on our herbs this early spring, we decided to recreate the look with our own dining table & bistro chairs. On a random weekend afternoon, we found three zinc pots at Fiachre, a garden store in town, and promptly returned home to fill them with some of our favorite herbs – mint, basil, and oregano. VoilĂ ! A cheerful, fragrant, rather inexpensive way to spruce up a table!

(These photos were actually taken a couple of weeks ago, and since then our herbs have really taken off in the light-filled room! Hopefully by the time it gets consistently warm outside, we’ll be able to just plant them in the baby bath or garden beds.)

Gather Yarmouth ME

Inspired by Gather Yarmouth

2 thoughts on “Our Take: Gather Tabletop

  1. I love this idea- I always want to have flowers as a centerpiece but they just don’t last long term so I end up with nothing again haha :)

  2. These are awesome you guys! I like the twist you put on the inspiration from Gather. Your square pots, and the metal, are a great fit for your table! Brilliant!

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