Pai Men Miyake

Pai Men Miyake

When Pai Men Miyake refers to their lunch as a tei-shoku lunch, a complete lunch, they’re hitting the nail on the head. Of all the lunch choices in Portland, the menu at Pai Men Miyake has to be one of the best offerings. We’re ashamed it took this long to visit Pai Men Miyake, the sister restaurant of Portland’s favorite sushi spot, and located in our favorite foodie square in town, Longfellow (home to Boda, Petite Jacqueline, Local 188, and more!). When our friends Samantha & Graham visited last week, and wanted to try a lunch spot outside of our normal wheelhouse, we jumped at the opportunity to sample the menu that we’d heard so much about.

Nearly two hours later, after ‘a complete lunch’ of different combinations of dumplings, ramen, and sushi, (with a few sake cocktails mixed in), we’d have to say that it was a tasty success! Between the four of us, we covered a huge chunk of their menu. Pork gyoza dumplings, pai tan ramen with pork belly, yasai gyoza (veggie dumplings), tuna & Maine crab rolls, and one of the prettiest house salads you’ll ever see, left us fat and happy and was the perfect midday way to show off some of Portland’s culinary chops.

Pai Men Miyake Portland ME

Cocktails at Pai Men Miyake

Pai Men Miyake Cocktails

Pai Men Miyake Ramen

Pai Men Miyake Dumplings

Pai Men Miyake Sushi

7 thoughts on “Pai Men Miyake

  1. I think this place is a gem for the best Sushi etc. My only comment is if it takes 2hrs for lunch, I won’t be going. I’m assuming you all were having an extended lunch? Sushi is considered fast food in Japan. I’d like to go for lunch but if it takes that long for the typical lunch then unfortunately, I’ll pass. Love your pics!

    1. Definitely an extended lunch with friends. We saw a number of people come and go while we were enjoying our meals. You should absolutely give lunch here a try.

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