September Trip to Hudson, NY

2 Note Storefront

When our dear friends, Darcy & Carolyn, announced that they would be moving their shop from Portland to Hudson, NY, I don’t think any of us would have anticipated how much we’ve been able to see them since the move. Earlier this month I made my third trip of the summer down to Hudson for a shoot and had yet another remarkable time!

This blog post could more accurately be titled, “Dogs of Warren Street,” seeing as Finn, Enzo, and Hughie take up nearly half of the photos here – I simply couldn’t help myself. These three (and their humans, of course) were easily some of the highlights of my few days in Hudson.

Per usual, when I wasn’t shooting, I was either eating or exploring! It appears that no trip to Hudson for me is complete without a pain au chocolat from Cafe Le Perche, dinner at Hudson Food Studio, and ice cream from Lick – we visited all three spots in June, and I was thrilled to sample each one again this time around. It didn’t take me long to learn that lunch from Bruno’s is a Hudson-must, as is a visit to both Hudson Mercantile locations. A few other shops on Warren Street have opened since my last day trip in August, including Hawkins New York, an amazing design store where I easily could have spent the remainder of my day.

Of course, the real highlight of the trip was spending time with Darcy & Carolyn (and their dogs, clearly) and meeting the new friends they’ve made since moving to Hudson. The design and aesthetic of their new shop and home continue to impress me after each visit. We’re so lucky that these great friends of ours give us the perfect excuse to make repeat trips to the Hudson River Valley. Any guesses as to how many more times we make the trip before 2014 comes to an end? I’m holding out for at least one more!

Cafe Le Perche

Hudson New York



Hudson Food Studio

Hudson Food Studio

Hudson Food Studio

Hudson Food Studio






Hudson NY Shop

Hudson NY Shopping

Hudson NY Shops

Hudson NY

2 Note Perfumery

2 Note Perfumery Hudson

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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