Skiing Sugarbush

Sugarbush VT

Before last month’s ski trip to Warren, Vermont, Michael and I took an unintentional nine year (!) hiatus from skiing. Largely because of our ability to go with Orvis, we’d fallen in love with snowshoeing when we moved to Maine, and found that we’d just never made time to book a ski trip. This Christmas, we were determined to change the course we’d set, and in lieu of exchanging presents, we decided to book a long-overdue ski trip to Vermont.

Sugarbush was on our radar, mostly from last year’s trip to Warren, and also from the various recommendations of friends who know New England skiing. It being almost a decade since we strapped on a pair of skis, we were more than a little nervous. (One of us was downright terrified, but thankfully he  managed to walk away without any of the broken bones he was convinced he’d have.) After a few runs down the bunny slope, we were good to go, and although we shied away from the more difficult runs, we had a blast. We couldn’t have imagined a better place to introduce ourselves to New England skiing than Sugarbush. The mountain was gorgeous and the trail offerings were plentiful, even for people as rusty on skis as we were.

I’m hooked – I started researching other mountains before we went to bed that night! I keep laughing that I picked the least snowy winter we’ve had in awhile to get back into skiing. Thankfully, Michael has agreed to make another go of it before winter is over, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’m able to sneak in a quick morning on the slopes when I head out to visit my family in Wyoming at the end of March.

I’d love to know – where are your favorite places to ski? I’m hoping to cross a few more mountains off my list.

Sugarbush Vermont

Sugarbush Skiing

Vermont Skiing

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