Snowshoeing in Wiscasset


Like the rest of New England, Michael & I were slightly less than pleased about this week’s snowstorm, set to hit Maine the day before the first day of spring. Once we came to terms with the fact that we’d have to shovel our driveway for what seemed like the 43rd time this year, we decided to embrace our situation and enjoy what we hoped was the final storm of the year. Late Monday night we decided to head back up to my family’s farm in Wiscasset so we could get snowed in the little cottage there. We packed food for the next day’s meals, our computers, our snowshoes, and of course, our dog, Orvis. We woke up to little more than a dusting on Tuesday morning, which allowed us to take Orvis on plenty of romps through the field sans snowshoes. Luckily the snow kept up through the night on Tuesday so we were able to put our snowshoes to good use one last time this morning.

Snowshoeing with Orvis has to be one of our all-time favorite activities. Whenever there is as much as a single snowflake on the ground, we notice Orvis begin to bounce around like a giant bunny. We love racing with him in the open fields (he always wins) and exploring the nooks & crannies of the woods alongside him. Watching him bound gleefully through the snow, often carrying an extra long stick or branch in his mouth, always makes us laugh uncontrollably. We’re so fortunate that we had the chance to enjoy the wintry weather one last time before spring (truly) arrives.











13 thoughts on “Snowshoeing in Wiscasset

  1. what gorgeous shots of the farm and the lighting is incredible.
    you have done a great job capturing some of the wonderful “hidden” spots on the farm.
    Beautiful and anxious to get back to Maine, Wiscasset, the farm and the little cottage!

  2. Oh my gosh, so beautiful you guys! This makes me want to join you up there in the snowy weather some day! I love Orvis’ energy in the snow. Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. Definitely give snowshoeing a shot next year, Ashley – it’s such a fun way to experience the winter weather!

  3. These pictures came out gorgeous. I’m also over this winter, but somehow have not managed to go snowshoeing at all. I would say I hope for one more storm so I can go, but I think I’d be okay with waiting until next winter :)

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