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Snug Harbor Farm Maine

Last week, after we returned from Snug Harbor Farm in Kennebunk, Michael admitted that he had incorrectly thought I was being a little melodramatic when I came home raving about my first visit to the farm last spring. I think I recall touting it as “pretty much the most amazing place ever”, to which Michael smiled but took with a grain of salt. (If you’ve read this blog for more than a few posts, you know that I can get a little excited about some of the places we visit.) I must admit though, it was exceptionally nice to hear Michael show almost the same enthusiasm after he’d had a chance to experience the farm last week on our day trip down the coast.

Snug Harbor Farm is far from your average nursery. Perhaps it’s the rows upon rows of beautiful topiaries, or the seemingly endless supply of the most gorgeous and unique succulent arrangements (a number of which can now be found around our house). Maybe it’s the delightful collection of home & garden goods in the shop, the wonderfully kept old farmhouse property, the gorgeous terra cotta pots (yes, even the pots are awesome), or even the adorable farm dogs that might just follow you around while you browse – believe me when I say that there is just something special about this farm.

Snug Harbor Farm Kennebunk

Succulents at Snug Harbor Farm

Snug Harbor Farm


Snug Harbor Farm Kennebunk

Snug Harbor Farm Shop

Snug Harbor Farm Shop Photos

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  1. Once again, you can take a place I’ve been to a hundred times and make it seem like a new find! Love this place, and seeing through your eyes!

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