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Sugar Tools Camden ME

I popped into Sugar Tools for the first time one morning after wrapping up a quick photo shoot in Camden. The store’s ads in Maine Magazine always seem to catch my eye, so I couldn’t wait to kill some time in this darling little shop, just off the main street in one of my favorite towns in Maine. As you know by now, both Michael & I love a well-stocked home goods shop filled with interesting & inspiring objects. With its fun selection of products, displayed so wonderfully, Sugar Tools certainly fit the bill, and I fell in love with the shop almost instantaneously. I even found out that a friend from Portland, who had moved to the Camden area, was now working there, and we had a delightful conversation while I browsed the shop (having a chance to have a friendly conversation with shop owners and employees is always one of my favorite things that sets small local businesses apart from bigger stores). Less than two weeks later, I found a reason to bring Michael back up to Camden to introduce him to Sugar Tools.

On our way back down the coast from our scrumptious brunch at Chase’s Daily, Michael and I took a quick detour and stopped into Sugar Tools. We picked up a few things for our offices that we didn’t even realize we needed – vintage scissors for mine and two iron wall hooks for Michael’s. One whiff of an Erica Tanov beeswax candle immediately reminded me of my mother, so we added that gift to our bag as well. Their selection of garden accessories stood out to us as something that a number of a favorite shops don’t typically concentrate on, and within minutes, our wish-list was adding new pages. I suppose that Michael will have to twist my arm and make me come up with another reason for a trip to Camden in the very near future!

Sugar Tools shop

Sugar Tools

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Sugar Tools Camden Maine

Sugar Tools Camden

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