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Out of all the comparisons that people draw between Asheville and Portland when trying to convince us to come visit, one of the most enticing similarities has definitely been the number of fantastic restaurants that Asheville has become home to. With access to all of the local resources of Western North Carolina and a population base that appreciates the home-grown, the city has seen a number of tasty establishments crop up in the past few years, and table, where we enjoyed our meal on Friday night, is the perfect example of what Asheville’s culinary scene has to offer.

From the moment we walked through the door and saw the already-busy bar, butcher block tables, and eccentric table setting details, we knew we were in the right place. Our waiter was exceptionally friendly and knowledgable, and it took us little time to place our drink (wine and a local Pisgah Pale Ale) and appetizer order (Watauga County Radishes with smoked butter and cyprus salt, and Blue crab with cavolo nero, apple, vadouvan spiced yoghurt, and coriander). After our excellent starters, Meredith settled on the Foraged Mushroom Pot Pie with fall greens and pickled beans, and I opted for the Lamb Chop & Sausage, with shelled beans, smoke chèvre, cumin vinaigrette, and lemon basil. Ever since our lunch at Le Jardin du Quai in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, I’ve ordered just about any meal that seems like it will make good use of beans as a base or side, and table didn’t disappoint. Meredith conveniently remembered as she was taking the final bites of her pot pie that she had forgotten to offer me a bite, so I returned the favor, and hoarded the deliciously thick lamp chop to myself.

With all of the dinner options available to Asheville visitors, I’d like to pretend that I’m amazed that we settled on what has to be one of the best, but then again, I’m beginning to realize that Meredith’s ability to plan a trip is about 98% skill and only 2% luck. I’m the lucky one.

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