Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea

The Inn by the Sea, in Cape Elizabeth, and its restaurant, Sea Glass, have long been on Meredith and my radar, but living just a few miles away, we had a hard time justifying the stay (although Mere definitely tries to convince me to book a room at the dog-friendly establishment every time the house gets a little too warm in the summer or cold in the winter) and had mistakenly set both on the back-burner. Continue reading Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea

The Good Table

It’s strawberry season in Maine, and for Meredith and I (and I’d bet anyone else familiar with this community cornerstone), that means one thing – homemade seasonal desserts at The Good Table in Cape Elizabeth. Almost four years ago to the day, Meredith and I shared our first dinner in Maine with her parents at The Good Table, and every year since, when the strawberries (and later, blueberries) come into season, The Good Table moves to the top of our list of places to eat. Don’t get me wrong, we’d eat at The Good Table any day – their menu … Continue reading The Good Table

Strawberry Picking at Maxwell’s Farm

Over the weekend Michael & I went strawberry picking for the first time as a couple. We both went with our families when we were much younger, and although we’ve visited plenty of local farms to pick up strawberries when they’re in season, we’d never actually shared the experience of picking them together until Friday. We visited Maxwell’s Farm in Cape Elizabeth – the farm we love driving or riding our bikes by in June because you can smell the strawberries right from the road. It was surprisingly busy at 9am on a Friday morning, and there were even more … Continue reading Strawberry Picking at Maxwell’s Farm

The Lobster Shack at Two Lights

It was less than a day after Meredith and I moved to Maine before we first visited The Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, and by the end of our first year here, we’d been back so many times that I’d lost count. On that first trip, I vividly remember walking up the steps from the parking lot and having the rocky coastline unfold in front of me, like I was quite possibly at the edge of the world. For a North Carolinian, accustomed to sandy beaches that ease slowly into the ocean and stretch on for miles, this scene and … Continue reading The Lobster Shack at Two Lights