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The Good Table Cape Elizabeth

It’s strawberry season in Maine, and for Meredith and I (and I’d bet anyone else familiar with this community cornerstone), that means one thing – homemade seasonal desserts at The Good Table in Cape Elizabeth. Almost four years ago to the day, Meredith and I shared our first dinner in Maine with her parents at The Good Table, and every year since, when the strawberries (and later, blueberries) come into season, The Good Table moves to the top of our list of places to eat.

Don’t get me wrong, we’d eat at The Good Table any day – their menu covers many bases from fresh local seafood, to “beef and bird”, to their tasty Greek dishes – but there’s something about a homemade piece of strawberry pie or cheesecake in a restaurant where you can practically smell the strawberries from their source at Maxwell’s Farm just across the street, that just can’t be beat.

On this visit, Meredith and I started with a Bacon Old Fashioned and a Strawberry Mojito. Typically, we’d place an order of the Irish-style Mussels to accompany the drinks, but we had come with an end goal in mind, and were saving room to get there. Meredith had the Salmon special (which I tasted and almost stole out from under her), and I had the Mixed Grill – a collection of barbecue ribs, grilled tips, and loukanico. Our meals were delicious as always, but our desserts were simply outstanding. As soon as we were seated, I had asked the waitress to set aside a piece of the strawberry pie and a piece of the strawberry cheesecake (I’ve learned from experience that a full dessert table at The Good Table is not an all-night thing), and as soon as we had finished the meal, we devoured our treats. There is something about the strawberries in the strawberry glaze pie that just seems unreal – it’s hard to explain, so I’d just recommend that you try it yourself.

Meredith and I were barely finished with our sugar coma that evening before we started counting down the days to blueberry season, though maybe we’ll be fortunate enough to squeeze in a few more visits before then.

The Good Table Cocktails

The Good Table Salmon

The Good Table Dinner

Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Pie

The Good Table

3 thoughts on “The Good Table

  1. We visited TGT for the first time and plan to return many times in the future after being so pleasantly surprised by all facets of this wonderful restaurant.

    The physical plant is quite attractive as it the actual location. Well decorated, spotless, well insulated from dining room din and in every way accommodating to the diner.

    After being greeted at the door by the rather suave and charming owner/host we were shown to a bright and comfortable table. The brunch menu is too extensive to describe and all that we ordered was top rate in taste,quality,quantity and appearance.
    The service staff were well trained,polite and most helpful in every way.

    This restaurant should rate five stars by any rating system and for added attraction the prices are wonderful for the consumer.

    We simply cannot wait to return asap for dinner!

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