A Map & Menu Weekend: 08.17 – 08.19

While Michael was in Montreal for work this weekend, I was shooting a lovely wedding in the mountains of North Carolina. We were hoping to share Instagram photos from both of our weekends away, but Michael spent the majority of his time in Montreal in conference rooms – a pretty big derivation from our typical Instagrams. I, on the other hand, Instagrammed (we often use it as a verb in our house) up a storm while I was down south. I flew in a day early and spent the afternoon and the following morning exploring Blowing Rock, one of my … Continue reading A Map & Menu Weekend: 08.17 – 08.19

A Map & Menu Weekend: 08.10 – 08.12

Michael and I spent this past weekend in Ludlow, Vermont shooting a beautiful wedding together. When we found out that the accommodations at the venue were dog-friendly, we didn’t hesitate for a moment to bring Orvis with us – it was, after all, our very first visit to the Green Mountain State, and we simply couldn’t bear the thought of experiencing Vermont for the first time without our favorite travel partner. When we weren’t shooting, we were eating some fantastic food (having Ben & Jerry’s in Vermont is a must!) and spending as much time outside exploring the area as … Continue reading A Map & Menu Weekend: 08.10 – 08.12

A Map & Menu Weekend: 08.03 – 08.05

We’ve been busy writing posts and preparing to share our recent France trip and a few other adventures, but we wanted to take the time to post a few images from this last weekend – one we happily spent with a few of life’s more simple comforts. We stayed close all weekend, catching up on lost time with Orvis, visiting Willard Beach for an afternoon (something we sadly don’t do enough, given that we only live a block away), celebrating the Maine blueberry season with some blueberry waffles, and reliving our dinners in Provence with a home-cooked Provencal-inspired meal that not … Continue reading A Map & Menu Weekend: 08.03 – 08.05