Lunch at Petite Jacqueline

One of our favorite parts about our trip to France were the long, leisurely lunches we were fortunate to enjoy in Provence. One afternoon while we were snacking on charcuterie, cheese, and of course, a glass of rose, we made a pact to enjoy more of these relaxed lunches once we returned home. It was only fitting that our first leisurely lunch post-France take place at our favorite French bistro, Petite Jacqueline. Eating lunch on the patio at Petite Jacquline in the summer is a must, and since they also happen to allow dogs to accompany their owners outside, bringing … Continue reading Lunch at Petite Jacqueline

Petite Jacqueline

Oh, sweet Petite Jacqueline! I know little about French culture or cuisine (other than my favorite Scratch croissants and Pepé Le Pew), and definitely look to Meredith for any true Franco-related information, but if Petite Jacqueline in Portland is any hint, I’m going to love every moment spent in front of a table on our upcoming trip to France. This perfectly-styled French bistro in Longfellow Square immediately caught our attention when it opened, and it wasn’t long after that we added it to our Portland Top 10. But recently, with a wonderfully generous wedding photography thank you gift from the … Continue reading Petite Jacqueline