Revisit: Lunch at Petite Jacqueline


When Meredith read about the $15 prix fixe Maine Restaurant Week lunch menu at Petite Jacqueline, it immediately became a must-try for us, so we did the logical thing, talked it up to our good friends Darcy and Carolyn, and made an early afternoon of it. Petite is always a beautiful place for photography, but with the soft light, quintessential French place settings and decorations, and colorful dishes, Meredith was in heaven while the four of us had a few drinks, ate some delicious food, and shared more than a few laughs.

Two of us ordered the soupe a l’oignon to start – a deliciously hearty and warming bowl of French onion soup, topped with crostini and covered in gruyere. As the crostini absorbs the broth and softens, each spoonful becomes something to cherish. I’m pretty sure I did the least amount of talking while I enjoyed this part of my meal. The other two started with the warm carrot and leek soupe du jour – a comforting and savory way to escape the chilliness of late winter in Maine. After our soups, I had the croque monsieur while everyone else ordered the sandwich au fromage. Easily better than even the croque monsieur I ordered last summer in Paris, this grilled ham and gruyere sandwich is served on two thick slices of bread and drizzled with a wonderful mornay sauce. The sandwich au fromage was a melted brie with apricot preserves, served on a baguette with a side salad. Judging by the abundance of clean plates, I’d say that everyone enjoyed their meals.

We’re never unhappy with a meal at Petite, but whether it was the food, the atmosphere, the company, the stories, or just the lazy lunch hour(s), there was simply something special about this meal that I’ll be filing away in my memory.











3 thoughts on “Revisit: Lunch at Petite Jacqueline

  1. This was so delicious! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reliving the experience through your beautiful photos and descriptive writing. Needless to say, my mouth is watering!

  2. Maybe it’s because it’s getting close to dinner time, but my mouth actually watered reading this post! Embarrassing? Perhaps :)

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