Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood.


The wedding that was the impetus for this adventure took place on Mount Hood, at the Timberline Lodge.  Calling this area picturesque is almost an understatement – the views driving up the mountain, from the lodge and of the lodge seemed like they were right out of a movie. They were in fact, and if you ignore the whole crazy-axe-murderer part of The Shining (pretty much just the first ten minutes), you’ll get a glimpse of what I mean, as Mount Hood and the Timberline Lodge were used for the exterior shots in the movie.  From there however, the similarities to the movie stop and the Timberline lodge begins.  Built by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression (Americans built some amazing stuff during that time period – we should make a category), the lodge is a sprawling exhibit of local resources and craftsmanship.  Everywhere you look, artists and craftsmen of the time were given the opportunity to create reliefs and carvings that have made the lodge into a working museum of sorts.  I feel like one could easily get lost in the winding halls and floors, but as a history geek, it’d make for some great adventure.

Timberline Lodge

View from Timberline

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    1. Irma, this is not the official website for the Timberline Lodge. This is a personal travel journal. I believe you can find the menu for the lodge on the Timberline website above.

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