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Since stopping in Milford in 2010, we’ve been eager to share our love for the town and Hotel Fauchère with our friends and family, especially those driving up and down the coast between Maine & North Carolina. My mother has taken our advice and on more than one occasion she’s stopped for an overnight visit with her golden retriever. A few weeks ago she had the chance to do a little sightseeing in Milford and popped into Upriver Home. Knowing that we were going to be in Milford just a week later, she sent me an e-mail insisting that we visit the shop. Her reasoning was simple – they carry Dash & Albert rugs, and apparently I always fall head over heels for shops that stock these cotton striped rugs that appear in a few different rooms in our house.

As usual, my mother was spot-on. In fact, I visited the shop two different times in our 18-hour visit to Milford! The first time, I popped inside while Michael & Orvis waited outside for me. Who knows how long I would have stayed in there had the boys not been waiting for me in the cold – luckily, Michael & I returned later that afternoon once Orvis was napping inside the hotel room!

I take Michael along with me to several home decor shops like Upriver Home, and although he presumably tends to enjoy browsing through stacks of design books and thoughtful, quirky home accents more than most men, there was just something about Upriver Home that piqued his interest even more than the usual shops. Perhaps it was the fact that the shop’s collection is curated by two men, or the collection of cool bar items, or just the overall feel of everything in there, but I think this time Michael might have enjoyed visiting the store just as much as me!

While we now know that Upriver Home has an online shop, I’ve decided to coordinate our stops in Milford to coincide with the store’s hours. That way, we’re bound to enjoy an afternoon of creative inspiration at Upriver Home, followed by another memorable visit to Bar Louis!

Upriver Home

Upriver Home PA

9 thoughts on “Upriver Home

  1. Best store!!!!!! The store collection is unique and inspiring. The owner is full of southern hospitality!!!!!!!! LOVE the atmosphere and the items he carries!!!

  2. This store has such charm! As soon as you walk in you will fall in love! They have the most unique items that are one of kind!

  3. I’ve visited this lovely store with many unique home accessories on my travels north from Georgia. It is always a pleasure to shop and visit with the friendly staff there.

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