Wandering: Charleston

Charleston SC

If you’re at all a person who likes to spend hours walking the streets of a city you’re visiting, daydreaming about which house you’d choose to live in, then Charleston is, by far, the perfect destination for you. Michael and I did just that on our trip to there last week – exploring miles of the peninsula on foot – selecting no less than thirty-four charmingly historic homes we’d love to someday call our own.

Together we picked our favorite neighborhood (Ansonborough), our favorite street (Church Street), our favorite color palette (see the first image below), and, because we missed Orvis so much, we even chose our favorite neighborhood dogs (not pictured, as we feared that might be a tad bit weird).

The time we spent strolling through the streets of Charleston was easily the highlight of our trip. Don’t get me wrong, the shrimp & grits at Husk and dinner at FIG were just as amazing as I’d heard, but discovering a city through leisurely walks so enjoyable that you lose all sense of time (and almost miss your reservation for said shrimp & grits because of it) is a truly extraordinary experience. We fell in the love with this sweet southern city on these walks, just as we’ve fallen for the Charlottesville countryside during our drives through the Shenandoah Valley or the villages of Provence we strolled through the summer before last, and can’t wait for many future return trips.

We have lots more to share from our trip to Charleston this week, but I’m curious – are there other cities we should visit for this same type of dream-filled meandering? We’d love to hear your suggestions if you have them.

Charleston SC Homes

East Bay Street Charleston

Charleston Anonborough

Charleston SC

Charleston SC Houses

Rainbow Row Charleston SC

Charleston Chimney

Zero George Carriage House

Zero George Garden



Charleston SC

Charleston Gates

Pink House Charleston SC

Charleston South Carolina

Photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

11 thoughts on “Wandering: Charleston

  1. So beautiful! I did the same thing when I was there – I’d definitely need a big side porch with some rockers to enjoy cocktail hour on. And I ate at FIG too, would love to hear about Husk the next time I see you!

  2. I totally understand what you mean — That is my favorite part about visiting new cities and one of the best ways to see everything! I remember loving that about Boston, as well as Charleston. Can’t wait to see the rest of your pics!

  3. Love the images and it conveys a very interesting human characteristic…we are all a little voyeuristic. The walls and the gates scream for one to look in and to wonder about the lives of the inhabitants.

  4. I love this post and completely agree on many points! Charleston is amazing for wandering and strolling — there seems to be no end to the charming paths and gates and houses. Leisurely strolls through beautiful neighborhoods is at the top of my hobby list, too. Even more excited for our upcoming trip now!!

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