Weekend Reads: 01.09.15

Margaux at The Marlton

Bookmarking Jamie’s Where to Eat in NYC post for our next trip – I loved Margaux (pictured above) & Cafe Cluny, and I’ve always wanted to try Perla.

Neither Michael nor I have been to Savannah since we were children, so it’s high on our list of places to visit together someday, especially with reminders like these photos from Ann Street Studio.

I look forward to the yearly book recaps our friend Abby writes each January. She read 167 books last year alone!

Always looking for an excuse to turn on the oven during a cold spell, we whipped up these Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies last night – they were just as good as they sound. I also have my eyes on preparing these sweet potatoes from the same cookbook, Date Night In.

When Michael finally allows us to listen to something other than Uptown Funk while we cook, this is what we’ll be playing on our Jambox.

Happy weekend, friends!

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