Weekend Reads: 02.21.14

meredithperdue.com website redesign

Michael and I launched an updated portfolio site for my photography yesterday, one that also includes a bit of the food & travel images I’ve been shooting for the past couple of years in addition to my wedding work. I couldn’t be happier with it! Check it out and let us know what you think.

Lindsay of The Pursuit of Style shared photos of her recent stay at The Marltona darling hotel in Greenwich Village. It’s very high on our list of places to stay in NYC now!

Happily added Valentin to our Netflix queue. It sounds like a pleasant change of pace from the House of Cards episodes we’ve been powering through…

Michael and I attended a delicious five course Argentine wine dinner last night and shared an amazing first meal at Central Provisions with friends the night before. Eating multiple meals in a row out always leaves me craving some lighter dishes – this Power Green Salad and Roasted Sweet Potato & Red Onion Salad are on my list of things to prepare over the weekend.

We were thrilled to see two of our very favorite oyster bars – Eventide + The Ordinary (from our recent trip to Charleston)- on this top 10 list from Bon Appétit!

Happy weekend, friends!

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