Weekend Reads: 04.05.13


Photo from a recent Portland Hunt & Alpine Club Hush, Hush event – the next one is open to the public!

New Orleans was all over my feed this week. I’m taking it as a sign that I need to begin planning for our first visit there in October! Saveur shared many NOLA-themed articles this week, most notably their travel guide, which I have already bookmarked. Camille Styles also published a guide to their favorites in the city and Designtripper shared some lovely photos of New Orleans in the spring. Also, some of my all-time favorite photos of New Orleans can be found on the blog of my friend, Li. Does anyone have any must-visits for our trip this fall? We’d love your suggestions!

Given that we find ourselves in North Carolina several times a year, we’re always trying to keep up with the food scene in places like Raleigh. The Fresh Exchange shared a great list of their Raleigh favorites from their most recent trip. Once we finally get around to going to Poole’s, we’ll make our way through their list for sure!

How fun does Wool Wood & Whiskey’s recent yurt adventure look? I’m pretty sure this needs to happen at some point this year.

I’ve looked at these photos from photographer Yuri Long’s recent trip to Hawaii multiple times this week because of how chilly it’s been lately. Don’t they warm you right up?

On a similar note, Vanessa Jackman’s weekend in Sedona, Arizona looked breathtaking & rejuvenating. Maybe this is where Michael & I should escape to next winter?

Local friends: have you ordered your ticket to the latest Portland Hunt & Alpine Club Hush, Hush event at Eventide? You’ll want to act quickly – they’re only selling 45 tickets. Also, Portsmouth Restaurant Week began last night and runs until the 13th. I’m not sure we’ll be able to partake in the fun this time around because we’re unsure about leaving the foster pup for so long, but we’re hoping to try Anneke Jans, Tulsi, and Moxy – all participating restaurants – at some point soon!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: 04.05.13

  1. In Raleigh:
    Hayes Barton (for dinner) – food is amazing as are the desserts
    Capital club sixteen – I love their lunch

  2. You should definitely go to Sedona next winter. We have gone 3 times, always in mid-February and the weather has been perfect for hiking mid 50s to mid 60s. I honestly see a lot of similarities between Sedona and Portland- but maybe it’s just that I love both. Sedona is less of a city, but still lots of great restaurants. The scenery is amazing, and so unlike anything we have on the east coast. Just beautiful. Perfect for walking around, hiking and lots of photos!

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