Weekend Reads: 07.19.13


Isn’t Pellie the corgi adorable? She’s the family dog of our friend Betsy and we thought she’d make a pretty cute addition to this week’s Weekend Reads!

For those of you interested in the Portland food scene and/or backing awesome Kickstarter campaigns, take a moment and check out David Levi’s Vinland project. We were fortunate to sample his cuisine at a Hush, Hush event this winter and cannot wait until he opens his restaurant!

It seems like everyone is struggling through another summer heat wave this week. The temperature in our bedroom reached 90 degrees a few nights ago! If only we could spend our summer in one of these luxurious pools a la Lark & Linen!

Ice cream and hosting friends in our backyard are two of my favorite summer activities, so this ice cream party on Jennifer Chong’s blog seems to be right up my alley!

Domaine’s 10 Hotels You’ll Want to Call Homeyes and please.

Featured on Designtripper, the Harry Weese Cottage in Glen Arbor, MI sounds like a wonderful excuse to plan a summer excursion to an area of the country I’ve always wanted to visit!

I can already hear this Summer Vibes Playlist from The Post Social playing on our Jambox during ladder golf games!

Have a fantastic weekend and try to stay cool in this heat!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: 07.19.13

  1. Glen Arbor is right next to my family’s place in Northern Michigan! If you ever do head out there, I’d be happy to give you some suggestions for the trip.

    1. Thanks, John! We’ll definitely let you know. Northern Michigan is one of those ultimate trips I’d like to take someday, so hopefully we’ll be seeking your advice!

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