Weekend Reads: 09.06.13

Inn at Perry Cabin Bicycles

I’ve always admired Kate Headley’s editorial work and particularly enjoyed seeing her photographs depicting life on the Chesapeake for Victoria Magazine. There are so many familiar vignettes of one of our favorite inns – the Inn at Perry Cabin.

As you know, we’re always on the hunt for great places to stay while traveling through New England, so we were particularly excited to read about Hotel Vermont in Burlington on N’East Style this week. According to the website, they even have a few dog friendly rooms!

Michael and I are holding on to summer pretty tightly, so I imagine we’ll be listening to plenty of this Late Summer 2013 Playlist courtesy of the Martha Stewart Living blog during our last few al fresco dinners this month.

Falling prey to the multitude of mouth-watering food images on Pinterest, I found myself picking up the ingredients for these Salted Caramel Sugar Cube Brownies this week and I whipped up a batch this morning. Wow.

Also, we finally got around to creating a Map & Menu Instagram account a few weeks ago. Feel free to follow along for plenty of photos of the food we eat and the places we visit on our travels!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! We’re looking forward to a fun-filled few days ourselves – we have plans to hit the Art Walk, grab some dinner at Flea Bites, and meet some friends for drinks at Hunt & Alpine before our family from Wyoming arrives for a few days!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: 09.06.13

  1. I have spent the better part of the last 2 hours reading many of your posts on this fabulous website. My husband and I are going on a Canada/NE cruise out of Boston next Sunday (10/13) and will have a day in Portland, so I wanted to find out about not-to miss places to see and eateries. While I have a cousin outside Portland who will play tour guide for us (we opted for that instead of an excusion), I wanted to be as informed as possible about Portland and surrounding areas that can be seen within the several hour period that we will have in port. I have thoroughly enjoyed not only reading your stories, but looking at your wonderful photography.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Betsy! We hope you enjoyed your trip to Boston, Portland, and Canada, and hope that we were able to provide you with some inspiration!

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