Weekend Reads: 09.13.13

Melrose Market Seattle

Reading Garance Doré’s post about All Good Things immediately reminded me of Melrose Market (pictured above) in Seattle. Hopefully we’ll be able to swing by on our next trip to New York and compare the two places. If only Portland had something like that…

Michael and I both have followed Your L.L. Bean Boyfriend for quite sometime now, but this post hits pretty close to home for me. See these photos (and these) for proof.

I’ll be bookmarking this recommendation from A Continuous Lean for a meal at Geist if we’re ever lucky enough to visit Copenhagan.

We enjoyed reading about the Cape Town Love app that Megan and Mike of The Fresh Exchange created in less than 24 hours. While you’re on the site, be sure to check out their recent photos from their time in Cape Town.

Whipping up these peanut butter cookies will surely be a highlight of mine this weekend!

Happy Friday, friends! We’re looking forward to having dinner at this farm tonight, spending some time with friends tomorrrow, and watching Season 2 of Homeland this weekend. We hope you have a fantastic few days ahead!

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