Weekend Reads: 11.21.14

Portland Hunt and Alpine White Noise

Andrew, the owner of the Portland Hunt & Alpine Club recommended the White Noise (pictured above) to me the day he and his wife opened their bar, and it’s been my favorite drink there ever since. Epicurious seems to think it’s a pretty great cocktail, too!

So, this explains why I always want to eat all the cheese, all the time…

Another fantastic playlist from The Love List!

Our friends at 2 Note and their charming town of Hudson get some well-deserved attention in one of our favorite magazines!

This kale + potato salad looks delicious and rather easy to prepare!

Going on an impromptu getaway to Vermont was the perfect way to celebrate our tiny wedding, but we do intend to take another trip, likely somewhere warm, this winter or spring… so, these days I’m bookmarking everything that comes across my radar that is honeymoon-worthy, like these photos from Tortuga Bay and Punta Cana from Jamie Beck.

Have a great weekend, friends!

Photo taken by Meredith Perdue for Portland Hunt & Alpine Club

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