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2 Note

This post was a first-in-category must!

Portland is full of creative people and businesses.  The ‘shop local’ culture is part of what living in Maine is about. Businesses can be found on every street and around every corner selling some of the most unique collections and products; but the little perfumery on the corner of Moulton & Wharf, and its two spectacular shop owners, are by far some of our favorites.

Well before Meredith & I made the move to Maine, we stumbled upon Darcy Doniger and Carolyn Mix – the namesake two notes, of 2 Note Perfumery, that deliver the harmonious smells found between these walls.  I guess it’s hard to “stumble upon” two of the more popular and well-liked people we’ve met in town, but nonetheless, their unbelievable collection of small-batch, all-natural perfumes, bath and body care products, and their infectious personalities, will leave you coming back to their shop again and again… until your whole home is filled with musical note-stamped products.

Awhile back, the ladies of 2 Note convinced me to try out their Primo Shave Cream, an alcohol-free, French lavender-based alternative to the aerosolized neon gel/foam concoction that I had been using (how natural is that?).  The alcohol in my old shave cream had been giving me that “tingly fresh” feeling, but had also been sucking the moisture right out of my skin – leaving my face dry and chapped, ready to face those gusting winter winds of Portland.  To say that their product changed the way I approach shaving would be an understatement… it made shaving a part of my morning that I actually look forward to.

Enough of me.  Give 2 Note a try yourself.  Darcy or Carolyn not only create their recipes from scratch, they have the remarkable ability to find the perfect product for you or a loved one with just a few questions.  They’re a delight to talk to, and will have you smiling from ear to ear as you leave the shop.  Local business done the right way.

2 Note Perfumery Maine

2 Note Perfumery

2 Note Shave Cream

2 Note Perfumery Portland

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  1. Meredith introduced me briefly as she was photographing me in the old port and I have a note to myself to go back to spend some time checking this beautiful store out!

  2. As a friend of Carolyn and Darcy’s I was thrilled to see the post. As a photographer I am inspired by your blog. As a fellow blogger, I am jealous of your blog. Amazingly well done. I look forward to seeing and reading more.

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