Kettle Cove

Kettle Cove

Although we live just steps away from one of the area’s most loved beaches, Willard Beach, making the trip over to Cape Elizabeth every once in awhile to visit Kettle Cove is one of our favorite things to do. In fact, I believe it might just be my very favorite place in all of Maine. (That may or may not be because there is an ice cream shop just down the street!)

Found on the far left end of the more popular Crescent Beach State Park (a beautiful space in its own right), Kettle Cove might lack the wide beach at low tide for which Crescent is known, but its draw lies in the views from it’s rocky points and it’s quieter beach nested in between.

Visiting Kettle Cove during the winter months is an absolute treat. There are rarely many people who brave the cold, but for those that do, they’re treated to one of the most picturesque coastal Maine views – Richmond Island behind a lobster boat-dotted cove – and if you stick it out, a perfect sunset behind the island to boot!

Dog owners can check out their dog friendly beach hours, posted at the entrance to the beach. It’s one of Orvis’ favorite haunts!

And if you do find yourself there in the warmer months, make sure to swing by Kettle Cove Creamery on your way back from the beach.

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Kettle Cove Maine

6 thoughts on “Kettle Cove

  1. What happened to the kettle? Haven’t been to Kettle Cove since 1966. My grandmother had a home there & we enjoyed spending time there during the summers. I took my husband there today talking about the kettle, lobster pound and all the fun we had.

    No pound. No kettle. Not much that was familiar……………. A very sad day.

    1. I was just asking my Family the same thing. When I was younger I used to go with my mother and they had the big cattle in the used cook lobsters in it and there were three men with big wire baskets instead over it and these to drop your lobstering used to pay for going to the pound eight for it and they come out and they would cook it for you. God had said to say something like that disappear. That was a real treasure. And they will cook Salt water from the ocean and seaweed was in this water

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