2016 Trip to Bald Head

Bald Head Island

Although we weren’t escaping much of a winter in Maine like we’d originally planned, we had such a wonderful trip down to Bald Head Island last month. Last year’s visit with Orvis went so well that we knew another winter beach getaway was in order this year. My parents and their two dogs joined us for a couple of days this time, which made the trip even more memorable – especially for Orvis. Watching all three dogs run down the beach together brought each one of us so much joy and laughter.

Bald Head is such a magical place. Michael described it better than I could ever dream of doing in last year’s post, if you’re interested in revisiting it. I’m so happy we’ve had the chance to reacquaint ourselves with this beautiful island after (too) many years spent away. If you ever have the opportunity to sneak away to Bald Head for a few days, we highly recommend doing so. Winter, spring, summer, or fall – the island is beautiful all year long.

Mason and Abby


Orvis and Mason

Abby on Bald Head Island


Bald Head East Beach

Orvis on Bald Head

Bald Head Island East Beach

Photos by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu. 

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