New Look


Map & Menu has a new look and we couldn’t be more excited about the updates we’ve implemented!

The first big addition was adding a portfolio of  our work to the home page. As the site has grown over the last four years, we’ve had the chance to partner with businesses and brands in creating food and travel-centric content, which we truly love doing. We finally have a place to showcase this imagery, as well as examples of these collaborations.

Map and Menu


We’ve also chosen to highlight our Travel Guides on the new homepage as well, as we’ve always thought of Map & Menu, first and foremost, as a resource for travelers. We’re both in agreement that our favorite site update is the way that archive views of various blog categories are now displayed – specifically our Travel Guides, Hotel Tours, and Food Features! (Orvis is also a fan of the Dog Friendly category as well and hopes you are, too.) Our idea here was to make combing through these categories much easier when researching a trip of your own!


We hope you have a moment to click around the new site and let us know what you think. As always, we’re so appreciate that people find the time to come and share in our adventures. Thank you for a wonderful four years, friends!

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