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Asheville is a city that we’ve been wanting to explore from the get-go with Map & Menu. Meredith and I had both visited what was back then just a town at different points in our childhood, but it was becoming hard to ignore the number of times that people had told us how much it is growing, changing, and getting better. Food, beer, the beautiful Appalachian mountains… twist our arms, why don’t you?

By the time Meredith received an inquiry to shoot a wedding in Asheville in September, we had practically already booked our tickets. As is so often the case, it was a short trip, but we made the very most of it. Here are some of the places and things we were able to sample while there.

Princess Anne Hotel

We only have wonderful things to share about the Princess Anne – the staff went above and beyond to make sure our trip to Asheville was incredible, and we found the hotel inviting & full of character. We’d recommend the Princess Anne to anyone planning a trip to Asheville, and don’t forget, the breakfasts & the side porch are not to be missed! View pictures and read more about The Princess Anne Hotel.

White Duck Taco

Great tacos always seem to share a few things in common – fresh ingredients in fun combinations, delicious tortillas, tasty beverages, great settings, and very very long lines. White Duck Taco fits the mold perfectly, and Meredith and I knew we were in for a treat the very moment we pulled up to the bright orange hatchery and saw the line wrapping out the door and around the side. View pictures and read more about White Duck Taco.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Take a ride along one of America’s most picturesque highways, or do as we did, and stop at one of the hundreds of trailheads and take a hike that will almost certainly lead to some unforgettable views or hidden attractions.


With access to all of the local resources of Western North Carolina and a population base that appreciates the home-grown, the city has seen a number of tasty establishments crop up in the past few years, and table, where we enjoyed our meal on Friday night, is the perfect example of what Asheville’s culinary scene has to offer. View pictures and read more about table.

Early Girl Eatery

Early Girl Eatery was yet another recommendation for our trip from our friend, Samantha, who grew up in Asheville. Sam and her husband, Graham, have phenomenal taste in food, are both amazing cooks, and spent years working in the restaurant industry, so naturally, I’d trust any of their recommendations. The didn’t let us down View pictures and read more about Early Girl Eatery.

Double D's Asheville

Asheville NC

Table Asheville NC

French Broad Chocolate

Asheville Shops


Shrimp and Grits

Princess Anne Hotel Porch

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