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Princess Anne Hotel Asheville

When telling our friends, The Terhunes, and my sister & brother-in-law about our upcoming trip to Asheville, both couples were adamant – we simply had to stay at the Princess Anne Hotel. My sister, MacKenzie, could talk your ear off about why the Princess Anne is her favorite place, and after only a few minutes of speaking about the charming hotel with Samantha & Graham, I was under the impression that they felt the exact same way.

Our flight didn’t land in Charlotte until the early evening and then we had a two-ish hour drive, so by the time we arrived at the Princess Anne the sun had long since set. Arriving to a new hotel after dark always adds that extra bit of excitement and anticipation for morning, when you can see and experience everything in daylight for the first time. When we walked downstairs and saw the dining room set for our first of two delicious breakfasts we couldn’t help but grin! We continued our morning exploration of the inn and would up head over heels in love with the inn’s side porch, pictured above. It became our go-to spot for the next two days – we enjoyed reading, checking e-mails, and blogging from that peaceful porch. Both the front and the side porch are ideal places for enjoying a glass of wine, served every evening from 4pm-6pm, popularly known at the hotel as Wine Time.

As I mentioned before, the breakfasts at the Princess Anne are delightful. Each morning we were there, we were presented with different options. I chose the baked egg with fruit & toast the first day and a granola & yogurt dish the second. Michael opted for the sweeter dishes each morning and selected cream cheese crepes on our first morning and pancakes for our second. (As you’ll see in the other posts from this trip, we ate really well while we were in Asheville.)

As is the case with the Terhunes & the Henrys, we have only wonderful things to share about the Princess Anne – the staff went above and beyond to make sure our trip to Asheville was incredible, and we found the hotel inviting & full of character. We’d recommend the Princess Anne to anyone planning a trip to Asheville – remember, the breakfasts & the side porch are not to be missed!

Princess Anne Hotel

Breakfast at Princess Anne Hotel

Princess Anne Hotel Breakfast

Princess Anne Hotel Porch

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