Brunch at Local 188

Breakfast Scramble at Local 188

It’s no secret that Meredith and I love a good brunch, so when we woke up on Sunday morning and decided to go out instead of staying in, it took just minutes for us to get up and out the door, and head to Local 188.

We’d always enjoyed Local for its drinks and dinners in the past, but it wasn’t until a few months ago that our good friends Darcy and Carolyn introduced us to what has quickly become one of our favorite brunch menus in town. The¬†eclectic¬†setting and warm natural light of Local 188 lends itself perfectly to that at-home, comfortable feel that is required of every great brunch location. Their morning cocktails and tasty menu, all at an unbeatable value, just drive the point on home that Local should be at the top of every Portlander’s brunch list.

On this trip, we fought the urge to split the Raspberry and Chocolate Chip (plate-sized) Pancake special as a starter, and opted to keep it simple. Meredith ordered the Scramble Special with tomato, basil, and feta, and I stuck with my usual eggs, homefries, english muffin, and a side of bacon. The eggs at Local 188 seem to always just hit the spot, and there’s something uniquely unmatched about a buttery, toasted english muffin. (I’m now craving breakfast at 10pm while writing this.)

I washed it all down with a number of cups of coffee and Meredith chose to treat herself to a London Grey (Earl Grey tea, simple syrup, gin, and lemon juice) that was the perfect meld of breakfast and fun, and we decided that the meal had left us in just the right mood for a spontaneous autumn trip to the towns of Wiscasset and Alna. I can’t think of a better way to start a Sunday.

Local 188

Local 188 Brunch

Earl Grey Cocktail

Local 188 Brunch Photos

Brunch at Local 188

Brunch at Local 188 Photos

3 thoughts on “Brunch at Local 188

  1. were you there sunday morning? i heard that pancake special, but was just there for drinks. enjoyed a brunch 75 over on a couch. i’m going to organize another blogger get together, so hopefully we’ll meet then!

    1. Kate – we were there on Sunday morning! I wish we would have known to look out for you. We would love to meet you at a future blogger get together!

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