Fall To-Do’s

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Michael & I made a list at the beginning of summer with activities (tennis! hiking in the White Mountains! kayaking! renting a surfboard!)┬áthat we just couldn’t wait to partake in during the next few months. When September rolled around and we realized that we’d completed a total of six things on the list (strawberry picking! swimming in the ocean! picnicking on the eastern prom!) we even re-wrote the original list, making it much more realistic. Alas, we completed another few items off the list, but over all, we still failed miserably at mastering even our edited summer to-do list.

For this reason, we’ve decided to up our game for our fall to-do list, and by sharing our plans on Map & Menu, we’re holding ourselves accountable to actually visit that apple orchard, eat those cider donuts, see the changing leaves, and carve those pumpkins. (Actually, Michael doesn’t need anyone to hold him accountable for carving his pumpkins – he takes those very seriously. See our recent jack-o’s here and here.)

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing our favorite fall to-do’s here in Maine with you all, in hopes to inspire everyone to take advantage of this lovely, yet much too short, season. Any ideas that we simply must try? Leave them in the comments section below! Happy fall, friends! We’re off to the apple orchard in a few hours!


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