Seattle Preview via Instagram!

I returned earlier this week from my first ever trip to Seattle, Washington, and I cannot say enough wonderful things about the city! I fell head over heels in love with practically all of the restaurants I visited, and I cannot wait to share all of the details about my trip with you all. (It was my first big Map & Menu trip sans my other half, Michael, but somehow I managed to survive all of the awkward solo meals, and even met a few friends throughout the process!) As soon as I receive the film back from my lab, … Continue reading Seattle Preview via Instagram!

Road Trip Preview via Instagram!

Michael, Orvis, and I have just returned from an exciting and memorable ten day road trip up and down the east coast. We decided to time this adventure of ours shortly after the launch of Map & Menu, as we knew we’d be staying at four of our favorite hotels that would be absolutely perfect for the blog. We’re so excited to share more about our stops – in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland – with you all in the coming weeks! For now, here are a few Instagram photos from the road. Enjoy!¬† Continue reading Road Trip Preview via Instagram!

Travel Journal Giveaway!

Michael and I are so excited to finally share what we’ve been brainstorming and daydreaming about now for the past couple of months. While driving back from a recent trip to the Berkshires, Michael & I were reminiscing about the various trips we’ve taken in the past, and realized that we needed a way to keep track of the places that we’ve visited and the things that we’ve done. When we sat down to write it all out, we realized that others might enjoy reading it too. And the idea for this site was born! To kick things off – … Continue reading Travel Journal Giveaway!