Travel Journal Giveaway!

Michael and I are so excited to finally share what we’ve been brainstorming and daydreaming about now for the past couple of months. While driving back from a recent trip to the Berkshires, Michael & I were reminiscing about the various trips we’ve taken in the past, and realized that we needed a way to keep track of the places that we’ve visited and the things that we’ve done. When we sat down to write it all out, we realized that others might enjoy reading it too. And the idea for this site was born!

To kick things off – since this was all born from the need to better document the things we do – we thought that we’d have a little giveaway for a chance to win this quirky travel journal from Chronicle Books.

To enter, just comment on this post, follow us on twitter, or like us on facebook. Each one of these things will count as an entry, so feel free to do all three to have a better chance of winning. A winner will be chosen on Friday, March 16th!

Last but not least, keep checking back, as we already have a number of posts coming up. ¬†We’re really excited to share our journeys with you!

Travel Journal

12 thoughts on “Travel Journal Giveaway!

  1. MacKenzie shared this site with me. It looks like you guys really know how to travel well. It will be a good resource if we are headed to similar places.

  2. You two (three including Mr. O) continue to inspire me. Congratulations on your latest endeavor. I can’t wait for you to visit the Finger Lakes of New York.

  3. In love with food and travel? Enjoy great writing and carefully angled beauty captured in photographic form? Just want to go on an cerebral escape to the great Northeast? All of these things are possible at!! Keep up the great stuff you too, Stacey and I want to come visit so badly.

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