Catie Copley

Catie Copley Birthday Party

Typically we only write about one black lab on Map & Menu, but over the weekend I met a dog who is a bit of a celebrity in Boston – Catie Copley. She’s the Canine Ambassador at the Fairmont Copley Plaza where she spends her days greeting hotel guests and accompanying them on walks throughout Boston. Originally trained as a guide dog, Catie has been the star of two children’s books and is even mentioned on Boston’s Duck Tours upon their arrival in Copley Square! According to one of the concierges with whom I spoke, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Taylor Swift, and Bernadette Peters are just a few of the celebrities Catie has impressed over the years.

I met Catie on Friday afternoon and happened to find out that the following day, there would be a celebration of her eleventh birthday party at the hotel. As luck would have it, I was returning to the Fairmont Copley the next afternoon, and sincerely hoped I would have the chance to see the birthday girl herself! Not only did I have the opportunity to see her (three times!), but I also managed to grab a few photos of Catie. I couldn’t resist sharing them on Map & Menu, and urging all dog-lovers to stop in to see Catie on your next visit to Boston. She is such a sweet pup!

It goes without saying that Michael and I (and perhaps Orvis since the hotel is dog-friendly!) will be staying at the Fairmont Copley the next time we’re in Boston for a night or two. Once we make our reservation, we’ll inquire about Catie’s availability to go on a walk around the city with us – from what I’ve read online, her schedule fills up quickly!

Catie Copley

Catie Copley Photos

7 thoughts on “Catie Copley

  1. My Lab, Scout and I are praying that Catie has not been injured in today’s explosions at the Boston Marathon Finish line!

  2. Dear Catie Copley,

    Please tell me how to pronounce your name. Me and my family love you. I really want to meet you.

    Love Molly
    to Catie Copley.

  3. I saw a clip on Channel 800 NJTVH (PBS TV) and had to look up Catie and the Hotel on the internet, then I called my husband at work to tell him that I would Love to go to Boston and stay at Catie’s Hotel. We are dog lovers and have a family of Bichons (3). We would love to visit Sweet Catie!
    Thank you for the smile on my face today!
    Dolly, Sam, Wee Willie, Schatzie & Spike

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