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Freemans has been near the top of our ‘Hopeful Reservations’ list (in the sidebar) for quite some time now, so I was absolutely delighted when our friends who live in the neighborhood suggested we meet there on Saturday morning for brunch. Set rather picturesquely at the end of a long alleyway in the Lower East Side, it took us mere seconds of standing in the entryway of the restaurant to fall in love with the quirky design of the space. (I unfortunately wasn’t allowed to take any photos, but I managed to grab the two shots above before I knew of that rule! Were it not for the light scolding, this post would have surely been filled with many interior photos of the uniquely decorated space.)

Photos aside, brunch was absolutely delicious, and catching up with our friends was just as unbeatable. Our meal at Freemans was surprisingly healthy, at least by our standards. Michael and I love a good brunch, and most often that comes with a heavy amount of food and an even greater amount of guilt over what we just consumed. That morning at Freemans, however, we left the restaurant happily fulfilled and, most importantly, feeling pretty guilt-free. My egg white omelette & his poached eggs with roasted tomatoes & grits were the perfect complement to some of the heavier meals we enjoyed that weekend.

Freemans Brunch

Freemans Omelette

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