Horseback Riding in Big Sur

Big Sur Horseback Rides

While Michael and I were in California this spring, we crossed off something I’d been wanting to do for a long time – go horseback riding while traveling. I’m not sure where my recent desire to ride a horse came from, but I’m so glad we followed through with this special request of mine. Doing so pushed us just enough out of our usual vacation comfort zone of eating, sightseeing, hiking, and more eating. Our horses – Ruby & Brittany – led us through the meadows and groves¬†of Andrew Molera State Park, across the Big Sur River, to Molera Beach and back.¬†Neither of us had ridden since we were much younger, but any hesitations we had quickly gave way to constant giggling and awe. It was a fantastic and unique way to experience the Big Sur coast from a different angle and something I definitely hope to do again on future trips.

Molera Horseback Riding Tours

Horseback Riding in Big Sur

Andrew Molera State Park

Molera Horseback Riding

Andrew Molera State Park CA

Big Sur Horseback Riding Tours

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