Hotel Andra

Hotel Andra

When I found out that I’d be traveling to Seattle this spring, I searched & searched for various accommodation options, but nothing was really jumping out at me. I knew I’d want to be near the center of the city, as I wasn’t planning on renting a car, and I kept coming back to Hotel Andra, in the centrally located Belltown neighborhood, for one reason – the entryway pictured above. I had seen a similar photo while searching ‘Seattle’ on Jetsetter, and mentally bookmarked Hotel Andra as a possibility. When the time came for me to decide on where I’d be staying in Seattle, I chose Hotel Andra, pretty much for the warmth & design of the reception area. (It wasn’t until after I checked in that I found out I could have Serious Pie pizza delivered to my room from the restaurant across the street!)

As is typical with most of my city trips, I didn’t spend too much time in my room at Hotel Andra. Had I been traveling with Michael (or Orvis, as Hotel Andra is dog-friendly!), I might have wanted a bit more space, but for a solo traveler who spent most of her time out of the hotel, it was a perfect fit. The minimalist, modern bathroom was certainly my favorite part of my stay, although I’m sure the Serious Pie room service would have been, had I not walked across the street to experience the restaurant myself.

Hotel Andra Seattle

Hotel Andra Bathroom

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  1. Thank you for your post! We’re so glad to see you enjoyed your stay – lovely shots of the hotel, and yes, we will certainly be happy to welcome Orvis when you return. :)

    Kind regards,

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