Serious Pie

Serious Pie

I first read about Serious Pie in a fairly recent issue of the Carolina Alumni Review (one of the chefs went to Carolina!) and added it to my Seattle must-visit list. At first glance of the menu online, it reminded me of our favorite pizza place in Portland, Flatbread Company. I love any and all pizza, but there’s something fun about eating fresh ingredients that aren’t typically served on your pizza- for instance, Serious Pie serves a pizza with yukon gold potatoes as a base, instead of the traditional red sauce.

During my research I was delighted to see that Serious Pie was literally right across the street from Hotel Andra where I was staying. After a long journey from Maine, I knew it would make the perfect post-travel lunch.

I walked through the doors sometime just before 1pm, and although the place was packed, I only had to wait a few minutes for a seat. Given that I was eating alone and Serious Pie only has tables that seat six, I sat next to the most delightful retired couple who are Serious Pie regulars and live right around the corner. (It’s interesting to think how many more people I met during my solo meals in Seattle than I would have if I’d been eating with someone.)

Selecting just one pizza to try was a challenge, but I ended up with the garlicky white bean puree, with asparagus & parmesan, and a salad to start. Both were amazing, but, of course, the pizza was top notch! After looking at the photos, I can still recall the exact salty/garlicky taste of my pizza, and I only wish I could somehow recreate the pie myself here at home.

Seattle Serious Pie

Serious Pie Seattle WA

Serious Pie Seattle

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