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Local 188 Portland

It’d be impossible to talk about delicious Portland heavyweights without mentioning this go-to spot.  Whether it’s drinks with friends at the bar, a family-sized get together, or a romantic dinner for two, Local 188 seems to have an innate ability to morph into the perfect spot for exactly the type of evening you need – and there’s no denying it, eating in such a unique setting just makes you feel ‘cooler’.

In preparation for the launch of Map & Menu, Meredith and I had an evening out at Local 188 this week, and left a few hours later a little fatter and a lot happier.  After grabbing a couple of delicious concoctions from the bar while we waited for a table (she had the Caricature, I had the Barrel Roller), we settled into the same window table for two as our last outing.  While Meredith went the traditional menu route and started with a tasty green salad with seasonal vegetables, goat cheese, and the house vinaigrette, I took full advantage of the Maine Restaurant Week offerings and practically scarfed down my tortilla del dia. I seem to remember that Meredith couldn’t stop going on and on about her house made gnocchi, but I hardly noticed between bites of the absolutely savory rosemary lemon brined chicken. By the time we finished cleaning our plates, we were in such a culinary utopia, that our apple and cherry crisp dessert caught us off guard and we completely forgot to snap a picture.  I guess you’ll just need to go order one for yourself!

In each of our visits to Local 188, we’ve left feeling as though we really had just the perfect dining experience – we’re looking forward to continuing that streak with the next time!

Local 188 Portland ME

Local 188 Restaurant

Local 188 Portland Maine

Local 188 Maine

Local 188 meals

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