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In my mind this post should almost be titled “Montpelier Plantation, Nevis”, because of the amount of time we spent on the spectacular plantation instead of exploring other parts of the island, but for the sake of following the format we’ve laid out on Map & Menu, we’ll start with the location.

Nevis, the smaller, quieter sister country of St. Kitts was colonized by Great Britain for its importance to the sugar trade, and remained a British colony until just thirty years ago. If you’re looking for the typical Caribbean resort experience, look no further than the island of St. Kitts – it’s a little larger and a good bit more developed – but if, like Meredith & I, you’re looking for something truly special, we’d highly recommend spending some time on the seemingly untouched island of Nevis. Not to belittle our trip to St. Kitts – we had some great local cuisine in a shack on the beach, and spent plenty of time beachside with tropical drinks in our hands – but our time on Nevis has left an indelible mark in our memory, and will forever be a place we’ll wish to return.

Montpelier Plantation

Montpelier Plantation, in my book, has to be one of the purest examples of a relaxation getaway that could possibly exist. I don’t want to do it the injustice of excerpting what I truly think about this amazing place. Read our full post about Montpelier Plantation here.

Montpelier Plantation Dining (750 & The Mill)

Featuring the freshest island ingredients, prepared in a spectacular manner, dining at Montpelier Plantation is an experience in its own right. Read our full post about Montpelier Plantation Dining here.

Hiking Saddle Hill

This relatively short, but steep hike to the top of Saddle Hill offers panoramic views of the Montpelier side of Nevis island, and breathtaking vistas of Nevis Peak. Read our full post about Hiking Saddle Hill here.

Botanical Gardens of Nevis

Home to a wide variety of plant species, the gardens offer one of the most peaceful, contemplative ways to experience an island like Nevis filled with an abundance of rich, natural beauty. Read our full post about the Botanical Gardens of Nevis here.

Montpelier Plantation

Goats on Nevis

Nevis Goat

Michael & Meredith

Nevis Gardens


Saddle Hill Nevis

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