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JG Melon

Michael & I traveled to New York this past fall for a bit of work, a bit of friends, and a lot of food!

JG Melon

It was only a few minutes after we dropped off our bags at my aunt’s apartment, that we walked up Third Avenue to this Upper East Side staple. The JG Melon burger needs little introduction and is every bit as good as its reputation.

Schiller’s Liquor Bar

Schiller’s was packed to the brim by the time we made it over to the Lower East Side for dinner. We loved the style and feel of this French-American bistro . . . from the subway tiled interior to the “Cheap, Decent, Good” wine choices. I enjoyed my salmon almost as much as I enjoyed seeing the different types of people come and go as they stopped in for drinks and dinner. Michael loved his scallops, but the real show-stopper was the crab & artichoke dip, which we were practically licking from the dish.

The Grey Dog

We met some friends from North Carolina on Saturday for brunch at the new Grey Dog location on Mulberry Street. We heard that when they moved from their old neighborhood that their patrons marched across town and then celebrated at the new location. (That’s dedication!) Brunch was delicious, Michael had pancakes with a heaping side of bacon, while I enjoyed the Roasted Portobella Press #5 sandwich. What a great place to catch up with friends over a good meal!


As Michael gets closer to the South, his need for southern cuisine grows exponentially. Throw in a good fraternity brother and rumors of Peels’ delicious fried chicken, biscuits, and pimento cheese, and it was pretty much guaranteed that we were in for a Southern-style feast. I decided to join in with the shrimp & grits (and an amazing quinoa salad to balance it all out). The meal was so fantastic (especially the cocktails and sundae), that when I got home, I immediately started googling the recipes for everything we ordered, in hopes that we’d be able to recreate these on our own. Luckily I found the recipe for the Peels Punch!

Though it seems like all we did during our trip to the city was eat, we were actually able to squeeze in a little shopping and sightseeing between meals. The stores in SoHo (including Madewell, the J.Crew Men’s shop, Kate Spade, etc.) topped our list. The 1.5 mile long walk on The Highline was an experience we won’t soon forget. (You could say the same thing about the cab ride over there!)

Our trip this fall was a quick one, and we’re looking forward to planning our next New York adventure soon!

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