Washington D.C.

Washington DC in the Spring

Last spring Michael & I hopped in the MINI and made the trek down to Washington D.C., as I was shooting a wedding in the country right outside of town. Spring had already come to D.C. (not quite so in Maine yet), and we took full advantage of the flowers and cherry blossoms as we walked all around town. We were excited to try out a few restaurants that we’d read about online, and also stumbled upon a couple of spots by chance that we really enjoyed.


I had often read about 2Amys on Rockstar Diaries, and found myself longing for the Neapolitan pizza well before we arrived in town. It felt like such a local move to eat at such a great restaurant off the beaten path, and we were lucky to ┬ábe seated in the slightly more quiet upstairs area. The pizza was amazing. It’s hard to describe how much better true Neapolitan pizza and its ingredients can be compared to your typical Friday night go-to. 2Amys will definitely become a standard spot for every D.C. visit we make in the future.


I’d eaten at Firefly once before with my family, and couldn’t wait to bring Michael back. The decor is enchanting and fits the Firefly name to a T. We shared the shrimp and grits, and it was so fantastic that it took Michael a little while to remember what his actual meal was (a delicious roasted chicken). The seasonal risotto was so good on my first trip, that I couldn’t resist ordering this season’s variation. We loved our experience at Firefly so much, that we ended up recommending it to two of our friends from Boston who were visiting the city, and they too enjoyed their time.

Pitango Gelato

Another Rockstar Diaries find, Pitango Gelato has a few different locations throughout the greater D.C. area, one of which just happened to be quite close to our hotel. In the spirit of full disclosure, this was Michael’s second dessert, as we passed a Krispy Kreme on the walk over, and he simply could not resist. My dad, the gelato king, was in town on business, and joined us for some delicious dessert. It practically transported him back to the days when he visited me in Italy while I was studying abroad, and basically lived in the gelaterias.

Georgia Brown’s

Our friends, Graham and Samantha, joined us out for our last dinner in D.C. at Georgia Brown’s. We laughed over cocktails, and practically waddled home after a delicious low-country dinner of shrimp & grits (yes, again!), fried chicken, and sweet tea. True to his southern roots, Michael was in absolute heaven.

The Madison

We discovered The Madison through SniqueAway, and received a great deal because of it. We were blown away by the discount – the room and bathroom were both spacious, and the location was within walking distance to many of the places we ate, the Mall, and the White House. Samantha & Graham had a great experience with Sniqueaway and The Madison as well- they even got upgraded upon check-in! The Madison also has a great bar (where our good times from Georgia Brown’s continued). We’d definitely recommend The Madison for anyone who is D.C.-bound.

Washington DC Spring

Washington DC

2 Amys


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