Otto Pizza

Otto Pizza

It’s inevitable that when guests come to town for more than just a couple of days, eventually there’s a night when everyone just wants to grab a slice of pizza. When the question arises for where to go for the best pie in town, Meredith and I always default to our two favorites – Flatbread and Otto. Frankly, we’re shocked how long it’s taken for us to cover either of these two locations because of the sheer number of times we like to have pizza & movie nights on our own, but recently, we took advantage of company being in town and finally got around to writing up Otto Pizza and it’s wine bar, Enzo, for Map & Menu.

You can order any of Otto’s flavors as entire pizzas, but one of the coolest parts of Otto is the ability to grab a few of their extra large slices and mix combinations. Like any pizza joint, Otto offers the standard pepperoni or cheese (and mighty fine versions of both), but where they truly excel is in the unique flavor combinations of pizzas like the bacon, mashed potato, and scallion (where the potato is the base), the four cheese tortellini and fontina, or the butternut squash, cranberry, and ricotta.

Otto is standing room only, really meant to grab and go, but if you want to have a drink and stay awhile, I’d highly recommend the small New York pizzeria-style wine bar, Enzo, next door. Subway tile and dark wood give this small space an authentic feel, where you can order a glass of wine or a pint of beer, and a slice or a whole pie from next door, and enjoy the company of some friends.

It should be noted that Otto has a second, much larger location of the same format in the East End, and two new locations down in Boston, but we somewhat prefer the comfy space of the original on Congress Street when we’re not enjoying from the sofa at home. In fact, writing this post has me wondering if there are any good new movies to rent this evening…

Otto Pizza Portland

Otto Pizza Portland ME

Pizza from Otto

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  1. Thanks for the great review! Next time you’re in Boston, maybe you can check out our new shop at 888 Commonwealth Ave., right in the heart of the Boston University campus.

    1. Thanks for making some great pizza! Good reminder on the Boston locations – I updated the post to make mention of them, and we’ll definitely be checking them out next time we’re down that way.

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