Our Dinner by the Sea

Simonton Cove

Inspired by this article in the latest issue of Bon Appétit, Michael and I had our own little picnic dinner by the sea last night at Fisherman’s Point. We prepared one of the recipes from the article – a quinoa salad with peaches & pickled onion – packed some cheese, crackers, and a bottle of wine, grabbed our favorite blanket and walked down to the shore.

It was the perfect evening – other couples were there with similar picnic ideas, enjoying the light, (almost chilly) salty ocean breeze. Michael and I watched the boats returning to their moorings in Simonton Cove, and lost track of time daydreaming about owning our own boat and possible adventures exploring the various islands of Casco Bay.

We visit Fisherman’s Point often throughout the year, but in our four years of living within a five minute walk of this picturesque park in South Portland, we’ve somehow never thought to, or made time to picnic there. After last night’s lovely experience, we’ll surely make time to do it again in the coming weeks.

Beach Picnics

Beach Picnic

Willard Beach

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  1. OK, looks like a winner. I’m trying this salad over the weekend while Philip is away. Then, if it’s good I’ll make it for him again next week! Thanks for sharing guys!!

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