Weekend Reads: 08.02.13

Orvis at Jordans Farm

A photo from last fall’s meal at The Well – Orvis loves eating there almost as much as we do!

We were tickled to see that our talented friend, Michaela, wrote this article on The Well, (one of our very favorite Maine restaurants!) in this month’s Downeast.

How lovely are these photos of Hawaii by photographer, Jen Huang?

Airbnb co-founder, Joe Gebbia, shares 10 of the website’s properties he’d most like to visit in this Domaine post – definitely worth bookmarking!

If we ever make it to Sag Harbor, stopping at Bloom will be high on our list!

There’s so much of California I’m longing to see, but I’m particularly drawn to the idea of visiting the Santa Barbara/Venutra area. When we get around to planning that trip, this Travels with Clara post will certainly come in handy.

It being peach season and all, I’m pretty excited to give this Date Pecan Peach Tart from Sprouted Kitchen a try soon!

Michael & I were delighted to see the very kind mention of Map & Menu in last Sunday’s Society Notebook in the Portland Press Herald. We had a fantastic time at the Portland Museum of Art Contemporaries’ midsummer soirĂ©e. (If you’re interested in finding out more information about joining the museum’s Contemporaries group, click here.)

Happy weekend, friends!

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