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16th arrondiseement

As we were planning out our Paris trip post while riding on the train to Lyon, we began to think about the abundance of incredibly helpful resources we had found while mapping out our time, and most importantly, our meals in the city. We ultimately decided that these resources were too good not to share with our readers, so we’ve compiled a list of the most helpful websites & blogs that guided us through our very first visit to Paris. We hope you’re able to consult some of these resources when planning a future trip to Paris!

rather paris  We’ve more than once referenced our love for the england book we were given when we launched Map & Menu – it has never steered us in the wrong direction. I realized, when thinking about how to narrow down which restaurants we’d be able to visit, that we needed the equivalent book for Paris, and we most definitely found it in rather paris, a book under the same brand as the guide we love! Of course, we wished we could have visited every shop & restaurant featured in the book, and on more than one occasion we had to remind ourselves to use a different resource so our trip post wouldn’t be a mini version of rather paris.

Lost in Cheeseland  I first came across Lost in Cheeseland on the Wayfarer Magazine blog earlier this year and immediately started subscribing to her blog. Her recommendations seemed spot-on, and I couldn’t help but adore her story – an American who fell in love with a Frenchman, and relocated to Paris, who blogs about her adventures abroad. We were constantly referring back to her lengthy list of Favorite Foods in Paris when we found ourselves with a Wi-Fi connection!

David Lebovitz  I read many books set in Paris this year to get pumped about our trip, and one of my favorites was definitely David Lebovitz’s The Sweet Life in Paris. After finishing it, I began subscribing to his blog, where like the book, he shares both stories about his life in Paris and his tasty recipes. He also features restaurant reviews and photos that are insightful and full of his personality. After reading his post on Candelaria, we literally hopped right in a cab and headed there for dinner!

Paris by Mouth  Michael’s foodie & francophile friend, Ben, passed along this overwhelmingly helpful blog to us both this year when we began planning our trip. Whenever we found a restaurant featured on a blog or in our Rather Paris book, we would immediately check to see what the writers at Paris by Mouth had to say about that particular eatery.

Markets of Paris  My friend, Christina, recommended I pick up this book before our trip so I could read up on the city’s market culture. Not only was the book a wealth of knowledge about various markets throughout Paris, but it also listed other sites and restaurants, organized by arrondissement of course, to try. The only downside of the book was the fact that it made us wish we had several more days in Paris to try all of the markets it featured!

Of course, personal recommendations from a few of our friends led us to some of our favorite spots. My cousin sent me a few hotel recommendations, and days after we decided to stay at La Maison Champs Elysées, it was featured on Jetsetter for a discount. Score! We always check the major flash sale sites (Jetsetter, Tablet, Sniqueaway, Vacationist, etc.) before booking accommodations. You can end up saving quite a bit of money by doing this!

Our Paris post is coming this week, so be sure to check back for details on where we ate, what we saw, and where we stayed!

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