Pâtisserie Fauchère

Pâtisserie Fauchère

I’m not quite sure of the details, but the last time we stayed at Hotel Fauchère the inn’s cafe, Pâtisserie Fauchère, was closed. The next morning before we made the trip back to Maine we enjoyed delicious bagels at the deli across the street from the inn, but on this trip we were eager to visit the pâtisserie!

After a walk around town with Orvis we popped in the historic Emerson House, a former residence adjacent to the hotel and home to the pâtisserie. Given that it was fairly early in the morning after daylight savings, we had the cafe to ourselves. After ordering (a pot of tea, a cup of espresso, a croissant, and a raspberry muffin) we sat down to enjoy our meal in the light-filled breakfast nook in the back of the old home. Had it been a tad bit warmer, we probably would have taken our breakfast outside on the large porch, but we were just as happy to eat our treats inside by the window!

We devoured our meal, and on the way out I glanced at the daily menu which had been updated while we were eating. After reading the quiche and sandwich specials of the day, I was already wishing that it was lunchtime!

Pâtisserie Fauchère Espresso

Pâtisserie Fauchère Croissant

Pâtisserie Fauchère Milford

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