Revisit: The Blue Pig

Blue Pig Croton on the Hudson

I was tickled to get to share one of my favorite ice cream shops, The Blue Pig, with my mother on our way back from New York City last week. Just like Michael and I did on our last trip down to NY, we stopped at The Blue Pig for a bite to eat after picking up our car at the nearby Croton Harmon train station. (Fellow New Englanders, this is our preferred way to get into the city – the drive is easy, the train ride is relaxing, and some of the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted is literally right on the way to the train station. A win-win, if you ask me.)

After debating the dozens of flavors that all sounded delicious, we each settled on a cup of Butterfinger Coconut, which was just as tasty and creamy as last summer’s Rooftop Strawberry! For me, the highlight of our quick stop at The Blue Pig was just noting how comfortable it felt to return almost a year after our last visit. There was this delightful sense of familiarity upon walking through the door – similar to the feeling that Michael and I get when checking into our dear Hotel Fauchere on our frequent road trips to North Carolina. There’s something so satisfying about reacquainting oneself with a familiar place while traveling – whether it’s a special restaurant, a beloved inn, or a favorite pastime – there’s just something wonderful about the comfort of returning to a place and reliving past memories.

Leaving The Blue Pig, I was again reminded of how thankful Michael and I are to write this blog, mainly because it has introduced us to some of the most amazing businesses, experiences, and people, and we truly look forward to sharing them all with you. We’re curious – are there any spots you like to revisit while traveling? A friend of mine always stops at the exact same diner on the way home from visiting her family. It started as a way to break up the long drive, but now they cannot imagine making the trip without stopping. I love it!

Blue Pig Ice Cream

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

3 thoughts on “Revisit: The Blue Pig

  1. I love this too! After our wedding, we drove from Huntsville, AL to Atlanta (requiring a drive through Chattanooga) to catch a flight for our honeymoon, and since we had a whole day to make a 4 hour drive, we spent half the day walking around Chattanooga, and then it totally became our spot. Now we live super far away, but Clumpies ice cream (amazing) now feels really special and fun :)

  2. I love ice cream recommendations! We’re in Ulster County, on the other side of the Hudson, and could easily stop here on the way to NYC as well. (P.S. just found your site while researching Chase’s Daily in Belfast for my own post- so glad I did!)

    1. Definitely give the Blue Pig a try, Christy! So happy you found your way to Map & Menu – I’m looking forward to checking out your post on Chase’s Daily!

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