The High Line

The High Line

Visiting the High Line is a New York must for me! It’s easily my favorite activity to partake in during any trip to the city… besides eating, of course! Last week’s walk up the High Line was a bit dreary and chilly, but certainly one I’ll never forget, as it was the first time my mother walked the High Line. Her excitement was contagious and it was as if I was seeing all of the green spaces, flowers, views of the city, and architecture through new eyes. In fact, I’ve never actually been on the High Line during the spring season, so a lot of what I was seeing was new, and since it was a little rainy we nearly had the whole park to ourselves. I’m so thankful we didn’t let a bit of rain keep us away – it was a wonderful way to spend a quiet morning in the city.

The High Line Spring

The High Line NY

View from the High Line   High Line NYC

All photos taken by Meredith Perdue for Map & Menu.

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